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Small-bore Shooting in Harrogate
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Welcome to Scotton and Farnham Rifle Club,
established in 1920.

Scotton & Farnham Rifle Club, Bill Bruce Range

Scotton and Farnham Rifle Club is situated close to Harrogate and Knaresborough at the Bill Bruce range, just off Farnham Lane. The club has 6 covered firing points with target distances of 25 yards, 50 yards, 50 metres and is one of only a few clubs that are able to shoot at 100 yards. The club is ideal for the seasoned .22 calibre target shooter or new beginner to the Olympic sport of small-bore target shooting and carbine target shooting.

The club meets every Sunday throughout the year for target rifle shooting and soon will be opening on Saturday's for carbine target rifle shooting. Once a member of the club, you can shoot at most times during the week as long as there is a Range Officer present. It is a happy social club catering for all skills of shooting, including tuition / coaching. There is no bar on age, but younger persons / children must be able to hold a target rifle un-supported. Children must be accompanied by a guardian / parent.

Match target shooting

What is Match Target Shooting?

Small-bore rifle shooting is a target sport that is carried out using .22lr calibre single shot rifle especially designed for competition match target shooting, using aperture 'iron' sights and wearing a jacket and sling to aid in accuracy. At Scotton and Farnham match target shooting is practiced at 25 yards to 100 yards in the prone position (laying down). Our governing body is the National Small-bore Rifle Association (N.S.R.A). Further information is available on the 'Types of shooting' page.

Carbine target shooting

What is Carbine Target Shooting?

Carbine shooting is relatively inexpensive when compared to match target shooting, using cheaper rifles and ammunition. It uses short barreled semi automatic rifles fired from a standing position, at larger targets and at distances of 20 yards to 50 yards. Carbines are generally far less sophisticated than match rifles and the use of rigid jackets and slings is not permitted, but scopes are. Further information is available on the 'Types of shooting' page.

Interested in Target Shooting?

Maybe you would like to try for the Commonwealth games, the Olympics or just wish to take up a sport that uses brain rather than brawn - target rifle shootng in Harrogate could be the sport for you!!

Should you require further information about shooting in Harrogate, just drop us an email by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link above.

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